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Neurolab-inc Machinima (2011) Baggyz MESH


[Neurolab Inc.] is proud to present you the first high quality Rigged Mesh Baggy Pant!

The Baggyz is made in full MESH Rigged, 100% High quality mesh model and harmonious rigged,
Ultra realistic, baked textures with shadows.
Package includes for a perfect fit, 2 Sizes/Shapes : normal and large. (no scripts)
The Baggyz is available for mens and womens, in 8 CAMO Colors, 
12 Unicolors and 3 Electro version with lights(Mod).

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► Package Includes :
◦ 2 pants Mesh Rigged (Size1 & 2)
◦ 2 Alpha layers (for legs and legs+foots)
◦ Landmarks
◦ Instructions notecard
(No Mod, Copy, no Transfer ...Cost prim: 68)

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Mainstore:  NLAB Inc (203,124,30)

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