Sartoria by traveller Bade is a brand created in 2007 by Black and White management of traveller Bade with the intention to propose a second life style menswear classic and elegant, evoking the Italian sartorial tradition, its colours and combinations of fabrics, a style that gives charm and elegance for the man who wants to dress up and feel in an environment of understated elegance.
The concern for traveller is to create products designed to meet the watchful eye of his clients and most users of SecondLife when they discover that Sartoria appreciate very much welcome.
This has also characterized some choices made in these years, as well as to initiate production of casual and urban, that idea was realized in the last line, "Dirty Hands" by Sartoria.

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Sartoria Black & White Collection 2011! New Releases!

This new collection has been prepared in individual articles to give our customers the opportunity to buy what they prefer and match items to Sartoria or other brands, just like the style consultants "Angelik Lavecchia" and "Didier Rascon" were able to bring in the display images that accompany the collection.

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